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2023 Men's / Coed League Restrictions

By Quad Cities DekHockey-Friday 15 Jan 2021

It’s now time to start building your rosters for the upcoming season!

All player rankings have been updated for the 2023 Dekhockey season!

🚨VERY IMPORTANT! Please look into the divisions for the upcoming season and what the new player ranking restrictions are for each level.
🚨To see a player’s updated rank:
-click on “players.”
-search any player and beside his/her name will be their “forward” and “goalie” ranking.
🚨NEW PLAYERS: If a player is not ranked in an NDA location, the team captain MUST email qcdekhockey@gmail.com to get a ranking for the player(s) in question. There will be no NR (unranked) players.
🚨Please email us if one of the following:
-If you have a new player that isn’t ranked.
-If you have multiple player profiles (please note: it is normal to have (1) “sub” profile and (1) “regular” profile).
-If your “sub” player profile and “regular” player profile both have different rankings.
-If your QC Dekhockey ranking is different than your NDA ranking
-If you did not play last season and do not have an updated ranking.
-If you have any concerns about your ranking.
🚨It’s the team’s responsibility to make sure their roster is legal when signing up and prior to every game. Team captains always have 24 hours following a game to ask for any corrections on a game roster, on game points or to bring up an illegal roster. After the 24 hours the roster and game is final.
🚨All players MUST be 14 years old minimum to play in the adults league. A player who is turning 14 during the regular season will be allowed to play.
🚨 A maximum of (3) JR players (14 – 15 years old) —goalies don’t count— can be rostered on a D5+, D5 and D6 team. No limits in other divisions.
🚨A maximum of (5) women can be rostered on a team in the Men’s/Coed divisions.
🚨A maximum of (10) players can be rostered on a team.
🚨The NDA has the right to change a player’s ranking if judged necessary!
Any questions? Please email us at qcdekhockey@gmail.com